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This forum is run by BDC(bdcirck) and is a forum dedicated to marvel mugen creations. There is no team marvelous mugen nor will there be one, just a admin and several moderator to keep the forum clean and post news. If you are a team of people and want a section for your team that works on marvel mugen stuff then request it with me, but be aware as a admin I can see all sections.

- GOLDEN RULE: Don't piss off the admin. Can result in a ban.
- Don't post other peoples WIP or Releases here, unless they want it.
- Don't post any 18+ Images, characters, stages and so...

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About the Game History development
I have been creating this project sense 2009. Everything about this game was base off Marvel Comic Shi'ar Invasion.
I worked hard for 7 years to make a full game base of his favorite Super Heroes Characters
Today I like to share this full game to everyone .

Download Link can be found here
the file here:

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All 8 SNES Batman Mugen Stages from The Adventure of Batman & Robin Release
you can find it here

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New Update for Mile Morales W.I.P made by BDC and Miles Morales has A New Mugen Stage
can be found here

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Deleted inactive users. Nothing personal just cleaning up.

edit: after cleaning up I see that there are just 7 people who logged in the last 60 days. and only 4 of them actually post. Due to this I decided to retire, which means no more new releases. Marvelous mugen site will still remain online and will be a access point for people wanting to download my stuff. Good luck for those who read this I wish you well.

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New version of shi'ar invasion with a updated scoreboard netplay and new modes. Enjoy


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A new remodel and a new make over for the Ikemen Plus version 3
for more info follow this topic here

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Marvelous Mugen will Only USE One drive and Google Drive links SUPPORTED on THIS Forum
Marvelous Mugen wont support no other upload site
   1 | DropBox
   2 | MediaFire
   3 | 4Shared
   4 | iCloud
   5 | Mega
   6 | SendSpace

Only One Drive and Google Drive are aloud to be used on this forum
Marvelous Mugen like to keep things safe and secured for everyone.
Once Again we Like for all member of Marvelous Mugen to use Only One Drive and Google Drive

if we catch any Members...

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The Moving City Mugen 1.0 stage Coded By OldGamer

Can be located here

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Deactivated inactive users. This means user who were not online for more then a month with zero posts. being part of a community means being active, people who are not active can just be a guest since they have the rights to download stuff.

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OldGamer is teaching you how to make your own screen pack
you can find the section located here

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Hammer Head's Night City Stage for MUGEN 1.0

you find the mugen stage located here

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Spiderman earth 772 stage has been released it is Fantastic five spiderman vs doombots Wink

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Big Speical thanks to
StaubHold for being my Beta tester and his awesome feedback
Flare Gamer 64 for his feedback and Suggestion
The Mugen Fighter Guild Community for there awesome Help and Information
And My son Jake Miller Castro for being my Announcer for the SMES lifebar

The 32 SMES Mugen Stage are NOT meant to be tampered with Please don't Add Zoom Effect because these stages are not meant to be Zoom...

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Sentinel Factory for the mugen 1.0 made by OldGamer lol!

you get the stage located here cheers

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Shiar invasion has gotten a major gameplay update. The score system and the bonus game have been removed. The gameplay has been is more fluent, air block has been enable to stand a chance to the many air based attacks in the game and limited combo functionality has been added. you can download it here

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Update 18 May 2015:
The name crusadercast has been taken off the site. Also the projects including mine have ben taken off the website. Same as that they are opensourced mugen is now well known also for the people involved. This means that this Item is no longer a concern of mine and the statement below can now basically be ignored. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THE CREATIONS ON CRUSADERCAST ARE PROPERTY OF THEIR CREATORS.

A new CrusaderCast forum has been created. Watch out this is a SCAM without...

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All Members of Marvelous Mugen.

We like for you to use One Drive and Google Drive when you post link of your creation,
We like to keep a safe and secured link for everyone to Downlaod your creation Content

Creator that have there own website that contain any media fire link or 4shared links.
Can you please only post your website link only. Don't post any of the Media fire links or 4shared link to this forum.

Please Keep in Mind that We are not A warehouse site.

Here the link that you can use and choose from
Google Drive - Cloud Storage...

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Riot Symbiote Beta by Blagoy,Daraku,Tops,Heka,pider9696

Can be located here
or download directly...

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finally for all those noobs out there there is a six button easy combo version for all of you

Download Link can be found here
the file here: download/ip25eq5uij1x1rp/CC+Shiar+Invasion.rar

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Sh'iar invasion Characters now available for individual downloading.

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The Shiar Invasion Stages by BDC have been released. Special thanks to old gamer for helping out on these stages. download/q3c9756vbzr34b1/Shiar+Stages.rar

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The site is officially open to the public. Smile

Today I released some stuff here. But be aware if you downloaded before the 29-2-2016 you could have downloaded incomplete stuff.

- shiar invasion stages Individual releases
- All shiar invasion Characters single releases will get an update.
- There will be a MVC like version of shiar invasion with gladiator as only boss.

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The stage is animated
The stage is mid super jump
The sprite artwork made by BDC (bdcirck)
The stage is coded by OldGamer
The stage is made base on BDC(bdcirck) Imagination from the 1990's Xmen Cartoon series  Very Happy

Download located here

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