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    How to Make Basic Mugen Stages for Beginners


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    How to Make Basic Mugen Stages for Beginners

    Post by OldGamer on Wed Dec 30, 2015 7:24 am

    Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x86 32 bit version download/9ulms5lqs8njxp2/ff3x86.rar

    Fighter Factory 3.0.2 x64 64 bit version download/v2zocbkp6jhme0w/ff3x64.rar

    Mugen Builds
    Mugen 1.0 stable version download/po6379wkm3960l4/

    Mugen 1.1b download/zzqzfd3m4msfv1r/

    Gimp Download

    SFA Ryu Mugen Stages  is Open Sources with Sprites & PCX format download/i5i8m7c3z0oqx55/sfa+ryu+sprite+%26+mugen+stage.rar

    If you want to learn more about Advance Stage Coding you can go to this location here
    Electro's Mugen Video Tutorials

    Extra few basic Mugen stages code setting

    what does Layerno even mean or do ?
    Its mean Layer Number
    lets say..If you want to make a stage WITH Grass Field and you want the Grass in front of the screen and make the Mugen Character behind that Grass field well the  Layerno = 1  will make happen
    Here a Picture give you good Idea how the layerno will look

    layerno = 1 ; Adding a 1 willl turn on the layer function for the image

    layerno = 0 ;  Will turn off the turn on the layer function for the image

    What does Trans do or even mean ?
    Trans means Transparent
    Let's say you want to make Spooky Scary Ghost and you wanted to be Clear and Transparent ?
    Adding this code setting let you do that

    Trans = add1 ;Adding a Add1 will turn on this sprite image function

    Trans = none ;Adding a NONE will turn off this sprite image function

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