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    Hammer Head's Night City Stage for MUGEN 1.0


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    Hammer Head's Night City Stage for MUGEN 1.0

    Post by OldGamer on Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:08 am

    HammerHead's Night City Stage for MUGEN 1.0

    Mugen stage has super jump
    Mugen stage has animation
    Mugen stage don't have Zoom Factor coding
    Mugen stage run good on mugen 10 and mugen 1.1 even dont have zoom
    Great special thanks to BDC for Hammer Head sprite made by him
    Bit of History info about this mugen stage
    way before the shutdown of Crusader Cast this mugen stage had a future plans for BDC's Full game named
    Spider man the End. but the project was canceled. Now the mugen stage is now release to the public
    Very Happy please enjoy this awesome mugen stage Smile

    Download located here

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