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    Super Mugen Stage-Junkman Yard for Mugen 1.0


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    Super Mugen Stage-Junkman Yard for Mugen 1.0

    Post by OldGamer on Tue Nov 21, 2017 10:03 pm

    The Mugen Stages was from from Mega Man 7 for the Super Nintendo
    The Mugen Stage has Super Jump
    The Mugen Stage has animation
    The Mugen Stage is made for the Mugen 1.0 but work on Mugen 1.1 but NO ZOOM SETTING
    The Mugen Stage been request by r7465

    Reason of his request ?
    r7465 : I wanted it to be converted is because of the fact that the junk from the level overlaying the player would look cool and the fact that the stage is one of my favorite stages in the game; everything about it, the music, the fact there are two paths, and the level design.


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