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    New Announcement for All Member of Marvelous Mugen.


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    New Announcement for All Member of Marvelous Mugen.

    Post by OldGamer on Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:27 am

    All Members of Marvelous Mugen.

    We like for you to use One Drive and Google Drive when you post link of your creation,
    We like to keep a safe and secured link for everyone to Downlaod your creation Content

    Creator that have there own website that contain any media fire link or 4shared links.
    Can you please only post your website link only. Don't post any of the Media fire links or 4shared link to this forum.

    Please Keep in Mind that We are not A warehouse site.

    Here the link that you can use and choose from
    Google Drive - Cloud Storage & File Backup for Photos, Docs & More

    Microsoft OneDrive
    Get to your files and photos from anywhere

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